Jared Joseph Boice, LLC

My 30-Second Video Prologue


I am a video producer, editor, web developer, and a digital media specialist with a degree in Electronic Media from the University of North Florida.

As a platinum-record/award-winning video producer, I can help you get your story on the big screen, the small screen, and every screen in between. Whether you decide to contract my post-production services, or additionally make use of my network of cinematographers and production specialists for higher budget projects, I can produce your video from start to finish.

I can edit anything from basic cuts to larger projects, to motion-graphics with 3D titling and kinetic typography. I can assist in writing persuasive scripts and offer advice to maintain consistent themes custom-tailored to your specific brand.

I've worked on high-budget projects featuring Flo Rida, Smash Mouth, Mira Sorvino and a Florida Governor. And I've worked for a wide range of clients including a Billboard charting artist, The Florida Motion Picture and Television Industry, national healthcare providers, and Bitcoin and blockchain-tech startups. For your consideration, you can review my video demo reel, achievements and credentials.

I'm also a guitar player, musician, avid chess player, researcher, and Bitcoin activist. I like to eat healthy, stay active and keep fit.